Emily Cooper

Administrative Assistant

Suzanne White

Daycare Assistant Director

Nolan Carpenter

Athletic Director

Flannery Carpenter

Physical Education

High School Basketball & Volleyball Coach

Aubrey Alfter

Kindergarten Teacher

Penny Murphy

First Grade Teacher

Amy Gomez

Second Grade Teacher

Leslie Stinnett

Third Grade Teacher

Edith Richmond

Fourth Grade Teacher

Kade Abbott

Middle School Teacher

Kelly Cheshire

Middle School Teacher

Cherie Johnson

Middle School Teacher

Kimberly Rife

Middle School Teacher

Luke Stumbo

Middle School Teacher

Teri Ferguson

High School Teacher

Tawaynia Helms

High School Teacher

Ashley Smith

High School Teacher

Jacob Sullivan

High School Teacher

Bible Teacher

Life. Rescue. Opportunity. These three words immediately come to mind when I reflect on my time at ACA. That’s what it means to my family. It is an honor and privilege to be on staff. There is no place I would rather be.

Tawaynia Helms, Science Teacher