Sixth Grade Cell Project



Today, my wonderful 5th and 6th graders ventured into the world of the “cell” in an extraordinary eatable way. We are studying the protozoan and how that it is in fact a living animal (organism) that isn’t made up of cells, but rather “it” is a single working, living cell.

We started off with small individual angel food cakes. This represented the cell itself. The protozoan. We then used cans of whipped cream to fill in the depressed center of the cake to represent the cytoplasm. We also used the whipped cream to cover the outside of the cake (cell) to represent the cell membrane. After that we built cell walls by attaching graham crackers to the “cell membrane” to represent the cell walls.

Next, different size sprinkles were used to represent the organelles. The organelles are the “working” parts within a cell. We placed a half of a grape cut and placed flat side up in the cytoplasm (whipped cream on top) to represent the vacuole, which stores the cell “food”.

After that, we placed a circular slice of banana in the middle on top of the cell to represent the nucleus. The cell nucleus is the powerhouse of the living cell. It tells the cell what to do. Then additional sprinkles were place on top of the banana to represent chromosomes. The chromosomes are the working parts of the nucleus.

We saved the best for last. We ate the yummy cells that we had created! Fun fun, and yum yum!! Learning at its finest!


~Tawaynia Helms

Sixth Grade Teacher

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