A growing church in a growing community has a responsibility to offer a service of civic as well as spiritual leadership. Realizing that in these swift moving times, situations often call for both parents to be away from home for several hours at a time; thus creating a need for competent understanding childcare. It is for this purpose that First Apostolic Church is sponsoring APOSTOLIC CHRISTIAN ACADEMY.

Our aim is to provide educational facilities on a child’s level in a wholesome, home-like atmosphere. We also provide adequate educational toys, books, and supplies as well as qualified supervision, which will be conducive to a child’s mental, physical, and spiritual growth.

A unique program of learning prepared by the Pensacola Christian College of Pensacola, Florida, and the curriculum, ABeka Book Publication, is designed with enthusiastic and interesting lessons. The format will encourage the children to learn and to enjoy the lessons.

Through the use of sight and sound, each child can develop at his own rate without adult pressures. Our curriculum is systematic with consistency and includes a variety of activities which will encourage the child’s creative talents. Proper periods of rest and relaxation including naps are programmed into each day.

Wholesome meals and snacks are served at regular intervals. A daily record of each child is kept to record any points of interest relating to the child’s development, health, and behavior (for infants and toddlers).

When a child is registered, the parents will pay a registration fee and a book fee. These fees are paid yearly.

If you have any questions after reading this handbook, please ask. We are here to serve you and to give your child the best possible care while he/she is in our charge. We love children and appreciate you letting us share in their formative years.


In the spring of 1995, Apostolic Christian Academy Pre-School opened its doors. We have a fully equipped kitchen, carpeted classrooms, and each child has his own sleeping mat and clean linens furnished by Apostolic Christian Academy Pre-School.

Our staff loves children and loves the Lord. Each staff member is a Christian. They are dedicated to teaching love and loyalty to God and to country. Our staff has been trained to teach children and to lead them. Our teachers attend seminars to better qualify themselves and Apostolic Christian Academy Pre-School for caring for your child.