Farewell Cookie


We normally post joyful news about our class, but on September 30, 2013 our sweet students mourned the loss of one of our dear sweet hermit crabs. Cookie, the hermit crab departed from this life right in the middle of our crustacean unit in science. Just the day before she departed, we specifically studied the hermit crab. Cookie, aka Sparkles Bobbett (last year’s name) was adopted by my class last year, and this year’s students took over custody as of August 19th. Cookie is survived by Bubbles, her sweet hermit friend, as well as 17 classmates, and 12 previous caretakers from last year’s class.

A receiving of friends was held on October 1, 2013. It was followed by the burial near the ACA playground. We were joined by friends and family at the graveside and Justin Poole and Devin Pratt spoke sweet words in remembrance of Cookie.

In loving memory of Cookie the Hermit Crab. September 2012-September 30th, 2013. RIP Cookie! We loved you and will never forget you!


5th-6th grade of ACA!

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